First of all, take a deep breath!

You are becoming a mom! Congratulations!

Now what?!

That is the same question I asked myself when I first became pregnant with my first baby. I was so happy to have a baby, but I had no idea what to do. So I did what most expecting moms do: I buried myself deep on research, I explored the web for advice, read about 10 books (not kidding), made my baby registry and continued to freak out throughout the pregnancy. I could tell you I have tried it all, but I would be lying. I can just tell you that I like to keep an open mind, and you should try to do so as well.

This is the blog that I wish I would have found during those crazy times, with every little thing that all those pregnancy magazines and website do NOT tell you. Parenting can be glamorous, but I am here to give you more practical advice: do what works for you. Meanwhile, I can only hope to give you reviews with pros and cons of every decisions moms need to make daily. (more…)