For a fun explanation of this list, try the diaper bag checklist with images

-Boogie wipes
-Johnson’s hand and face wipes
-Pacifier Wipes
-Wet Ones
-Clorox wipes

Toiletries and health
-California baby’s bug spray
-California baby’s sunblock
-Travel sized kit
-Hair brush

-Hand breastpump
-Formula (ready-to-feed) as backup
-baby bjorn soft bib
-little green pouch or baby food pouch

-Two changes of clothes (2 zippered pajamas and 2 onesies)
-A short
-A hat for sunny days
-2 bibs

Toys and soothing
-Wubbanub pacifier

The diaper bag
-Diaper bag
-Diapering kit (3-4 diapers and wipes on large ziplock bag)
-burp cloths
-a blanket
-Wet/dry bag (planet wise or skip hop)

Mom stuff
-Nursing scarf

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