Apps For The First Year of Baby’s Life

There are a gazillion apps out there for baby related feeding, diapering, photo albums and others. Here are the most helpful, and believe me, I have gone through around 20 apps to get to these helpful few. This are the apps that will make your life a thousand times easier. Here they are:

1) Sprout Baby
(Available on iOS only)

Diaper Changes

Welcome Screen
Home Screen and Memories
Weight and height chart

THE only app you will need for tracking everything for your baby, it will make you feel like your life is not spinning out of control. With this app, you can track:

  • Diaper changes: Knowing the number of diaper changes is very important to know your baby is getting enough in his breast feedings, or that baby has not pooped in more than 2 days which is a reason to call your pediatrician.
  • Feedings: Knowing that you baby already ate in the last two hours can help you to know that its least likely he is hungry, and instead check that diaper again. It can also let you see a pattern in how often your baby is feeding.
  • Pumping Tracker: If you baby is just unable to breastfeed, and you have decided to pump, this tool helps you remember when your last pump was, how much you got from each breast and to set an alarm for next time.
  • Sleep tracker: If you little one is cranky, it is probably because he has not slept in too many hours. Knowing that he is probably due for a nap will reassure you that he needs to be swaddled even if he screams at it. Babies scream when they are overtired, and putting them on a swaddle and a feeding gets them more relaxed and ready to sleep.
  • Medication: It’s easy to overdose your child from Tylenol or any other medication. With this app, you can track how often you are giving him the medication, how much and how long it has been since his last dose. With tylenol (the only pain medication you can give a baby under 6 months of age) you can see that after 4 hours the effects wears off, and that you cannot exceed 5 doses in 24 hours. It is also easy to control the doses with multiple caregivers: if your husband or babysitter adds the information on the app, there is less probability of someone giving the baby an additional dose when not needed.
  • Weight/height Tracker: In your well-visit to your pediatrician, ask for your baby measurements and weight, and you will be able to see this in a CDC chart comparing babies the same age to see progress.
  • Baby Album (Memories): We all know that having a baby is hectic. Who has time to make a baby album? Just snip a photo on your mobile device and you will be able to add a caption to a memory or a milestone with this app. If you want, you can later print it with another app Groovebook.It is easy to forget that camera with all the other baby gear you have to haul, but it’s less likely you will ever forget your phone.
  • M.D. Visit Planner: Write down your questions for your pediatrician and check them once they are answered (and make notes of the answers to your questions).
  • Immunization: Keep track of your baby vaccines
  • Activity Tracker: Make sure your baby has enough tummy time every day and that you haven’t skipped it in several days by checking this app.

While it is unfortunate that this app is only available for the iOS, and doesn’t really have a clear competitor on the Android Market, this app will surely help you out if you can get to it.

2) The Wonder Weeks App
(available on iOS, Android and free newsletter)

Fussy times are marked in blue.

Wouldn’t you love to predict when your baby is going to be more fussy than usual? The wonder weeks is based on scientific research, gathered data from thousands of mom’s experiences. Most major developmental leaps are predictable by the week since the due date, and you can have a calendar tailored to your baby by signing-up on The Wonder Weeks free newsletter.

The app is helpful in that you can learn to relax and expect the worst for the scheduled time of the wonder week. During this time, you can expect your baby to need you more. It gives a small summary of the book. The book is the most helpful part of the wonder weeks… it helps you to understand how your baby is thinking and feeling, and how to comfort him or her. The book also has a list of milestones that your baby could reach during this time in their development.

An excerpt from The Wonder Weeks book:

How This Leap May Affect You
You May Be (Even More) Exhausted
Fussy periods can be nerve-racking. Mothers of especially demanding babies may feel like complete wrecks toward the end. They complain of stomachaches, backaches, headaches and tension often.

Get it for kindle or paperback on Amazon.

3) Johnson’s Bedtime Baby App

The most useful part of this app is the white noise, the ability to mix white noise sounds, and the singed lullabies. If this app doesn’t help you make your baby sleep, it will certainly calm him or her down mid-cry just out of curiosity.

4) WebMD Baby App

The most non-biased advice you will find. The app contains section with informational and researched advice. It has no agenda on breastfeeding or formula feeding, or even hot topics like vaccinations or circumcision. Their advice on how to introduce solid foods is awesome.

5) Groovebook

Groovebook Review&Upload

Groovebook is a great subscription service where you pay around $4 (yes, only 4) U.S. dollars a month, and you get 100 printed photos on the mail. This is a great tool to print your baby’s pictures every month so that you can send them to relatives, put them on a frame to hang in a wall or to make an album or baby book of the first year.

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