Who said cloth diapering on-the-go has to be tedious or bulky? Here is a very lightweight way to travel with baby that will help you simplify your cloth diapering experience.

Here are some supplies that will make your life simpler:

A diaper changing kit


This amazing kit from Skip Hop helps you go lightweight on errands that are up to 4 hours.

You can hang it on your stroller or in your wrist. It’s like a small handbag.

The front pocket acts as a “mommy pocket”, where you can keep your essentials to avoid carrying an extra purse, such as money or credit cards, a lipstick, some change or coupon, a shopping list or a pen. The front pocket is very roomy. You could also use it to have an extra set of clothes for baby.

The inside of the diaper changing kit

The changing pad detaches by unzipping from the rest of the changing kit. There is a mesh pocket on the top where you can keep wipes, a spray with diaper area wash and a diaper cream.

I picked to have disposable wipes because I have a limited amount of cloth wipes at home. The diaper kit comes with a wipes case, but I found that it just adds bulk and a ziploc bag is easier to handle.

In the covered zipped compartment, I keep a clean diaper inside a ziploc bag. I like to have it there so that when I replace it for the dirty diaper, I don’t have to look at it until I empty it out to the pail at home (especially if it’s a poopy diaper). I use one-size pocket diapers with a bamboo insert, which is a fool-proof way to get through 2 hours.

The diaper changing kit in action

The size of the diaper changing kit is relatively small. Here you can see it on the stroller in action.

A great tip: change your baby’s diaper and feed right before you leave home, so that you are not scrambling midway through your errands. This allows for around 2 hours since the time of the change where you won’t have to worry about finding a changing table in a bathroom.

A dry/wet bag
Another great alternative is a hanging small wet/dry bag. I have picked this one from Skip Hop because it has a mesh front pocket where you can see how many diapers you have left and a change of clothes. I usually leave this one on the diaper bag just because I prefer the diaper changing kit since it has everything I need. This wet bag can be used for running errands longer than 6 hours, or on your third errand after you have already used the changing kit.

You can also hang the wet/dry bag from your wrist, as it has snaps on the handle.

The “wet” portion has a liner that contains odors and is waterproof. I also strongly recommend the ones from planet wise.

Don’t forget to add a changing pad if you are bringing on its own! 🙂

* I have tried several different diaper bags and diaper changing kits and I strongly recommend the ones from Skip Hop, because they have more room, among other great features like detachable changing pad and a better hanging clip. Similar diaper changing kits are smaller and fit a one-size pocket diaper barely, you could stuff up to three diapers inside the Skip Hop if you wanted.

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