Parents in United States are at an all-time low happiness compared to non-parents, and even compared to parents in other countries.

This article from the Huffington Post says “Even Ireland, the country closest to the U.S. in terms of the disparity between parents’ and non-parents’ had a parental happiness gap that was 20 percent smaller than ours, meaning the disparity here in the U.S. was particularly pronounced. And in some countries, including Russia, France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Hungary and Portugal, parents reported being as happy or happier than non-parents. Most members of the OECD are high-income countries.”

When I read this article, something struck in me. Just the lack of support for parents in the US is unbearable. Not only are we supposed to work with NO maternity leave, but we also have to pay extremely expensive daycare that is equivalent to a small mortgage! Mix in the sleep deprivation and the INSANE hospital bill from the delivery and you have an obvious recipe for disaster.

Now, the point of this article was to explain why I quit cloth diapering, but for that I needed to paint a picture of the overall parenting situation for most of us. Stressed, tired and overworked.

Once the realization of this hit me while I was loading yet another cloth diaper laundry on the washer, I asked myself: “why?”.

Just, why I would I do this to myself? Why would I spend hours laundering, folding, putting away, buying and changing cloth diapers?

Now, to some cloth diapering it is great to save money. But are you really saving money? Couldn’t you work a side-gig to earn extra income instead of washing all those diapers?

Others say that they are saving the environment, and while I agree with this, there has to be a way to meet in the middle by just doing cloth diapering half-time using only all-in-ones (those are pricey!) for busy moms.

Now other do it for the cuteness factor or to buy all the diapers-collect them all! Hard to find prints! Limited edition! Are we really that consumer oriented? Why not just donate that money to a mom in need who can’t feed her child?

To all this, I have a stash of over 50 diapers and I deeply regret it. While it was a fun ride, it got tedious at times. Now that I am working outside home, it makes zero logical sense for me to spend all that time and effort cloth diapering. 

My main reason for cloth diapering was because of my child’s sensitive bottom and his constant diaper rash of I didn’t use cloth. However, as he grew and potty trained, he didn’t need this. Using Vaseline, as recommended by his pediatrician, to keep rashes at bay has proven enough, even at nighttime.

So goodbye, cloth diapering, I quit! I feel so relieved now and I am looking forward to the day when I have sold most (never all!) my stash. Because let’s be real… Some of that cloth is just too cute to pass up for baby#2.

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