There are likely many articles on how to bring baby traveling with you, which I don’t recommend.

However, once you child hits their one year old birthday, it gets slightly easier to bring them along.

Maybe it’s that you are no longer a newbie anxious mom, or maybe your child is just more independent and doesn’t run to you, the savior, for help all the time.

I’m a serious gadget lover because I love to try new gadgets all the time. However, when traveling, you really want to keep it as light as possible!


If you get any piece of gadget, go for lightweight, highly portable items. Also, sometimes there are ways to avoid some gadgets all together.

Here are my recommendations:


I hate strollers, but they’re unavoidable. Go for an umbrella stroller. 

I like this one with a carrying strap that is ultralightweight.

Summer infant stroller

Yes, there are pricier options, but please GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD: no stroller lasts for a long time, even the pricey ones!. 

So please, do yourself and your wallet a favor and skip the expensive useless stroller that you will grow to hate in some months.


Your child is no longer an infant, but you can still use a carrier. I tried different carriers and I can highly recommend Lillebaby. However, at this point in time, you really should not be carrying your toddler- let them run and get your steps in versus paying for a gym.

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