Disclaimer: This article is not meant as medical advice. You should consult your doctor regarding your health and how to best manage your weight.

What follows is my individual plan of action over 6 months to lose 40 pounds of weight.

I start being 164 pounds, at a height of 5’2″ and have already lose 20 pounds. My current weight is 145 pounds.

I’m sure there are many ways to lose weight, but this is a simple, FREE way that worked for me that should be fairly easy to replicate by anyone.

Remember to always listen to your body. If you feel like something is going wrong, please stop whatever you are doing and consult your doctor. By no means should you follow something if you think it’s not going to work.
First, figure out your goal (ideal weight).

Go on this website (calculator.net) and figure out your ideal weight based on your height and age. This only applies to adults 18 years or older, does not apply to teenagers because they are still able to grow in height while we do not.

How I lost 20 pounds in a few months

I started at 164 pounds, when I am only 5’2″. Yes, I was more than obese, and I was in denial. I was not happy about my weight but I thought because I’m a mom that I would never be able to shed the extra pounds.

I was wrong…. I was able to lose 20 pounds in two months!

Yet I was partially right because when you become a mom, your stress levels go up, you suffer from constant sleep deprivation, lack of time to commit to the gym or exercising, and the constant demand for energy (and maybe breastfeeding) makes you want to eat everything in your plate and go for even more food!

However, with a little persistence and a little effort, you too will be able to get rid of the extra pounds. No, you don’t need to pay ANY money or go on the latest, crazy diet.

There are three key components to losing weight fast.

1) Follow the minimalist diet

It is not a “diet” and I just made it up because I feel like I came up with it.

Basically, you eat ONCE a day only. That’s it, easy right?

Obviously, you cannot eat more than one meal at a time, and you need to make it count.

When you have the option to only eat once a day, you look forward to your meal! So follow the minimalist principle: eat only what you absolutely LOVE.

Obviously, you cannot eat pizza every day (maybe once a week), and you have to portion control. Try to keep your meal under 700 calories.

It is not humanly possible to eat too much in one meal… Especially once your stomach starts getting used to less food less frequently.

Hopefully, this will end up being good for your health because you will lose the extra pounds that make you struggle with potential heart disease, high cholesterol, etc. You are also likely to spend less money on food, though maybe your budget will increase because you will look for organic, premium food, like meats, poultry, etc.

What I did is try to keep my meal towards DINNER ONLY.

Why? Well, here comes the second tip:


It’s a whole thing… Based on science, of course! Follow this link to The Beginner’s Guide to Intermitent Fasting¬†later for more info.

  1. Basically, you go around at least 14 hours without food. There is a state in which your body is “fed” after a meal that lasts 12 hours. Once the 12 hours are up, your body starts looking for food and you get hungry again. At that point, your body goes into a “fat burning” stage where you energy reserves (aka your rolls of chubiness) begin to be used for energy.

Basically, you could skip breakfast and lunch. If you only do dinner on most days, you will be between 12-16 hours without food. Therefore, your body will start to burn energy just to keep your organism functioning in day-to-day activities.

Do this for an extended period of time and you have slow weight loss over time.

And now for the final step in the process:

3) Do light exercise

You don’t need to spend hours at the gym, do p90x, or even try crossfit to lose weight. Not at all. You don’t even need to pay for a gym!

You can do about 15-30 minutes of really good exercises at home and be done with it.

Your body is doing the hard work of burning the fat by you going through intermittent fasting, you are just taking the stakes up a notch.

Some great easy exercises to do are:

  • Push-ups
  • Pull-up
  • Squats (hold them for a minute and see how fast you burn fat!)
  • Arm exercises (without weights in the beginning working up to weights)

Yes, you can add more workouts if you are into it, and it will acelerate the process. However, you will still be on track of you don’t.

Bonus points if you:

4) Follow the Paleo diet

Have your fun with all types of meat, poultry, veggies and potatoes? Not sure about potatoes. I do not follow the Paleo diet to all it’s guidelines but it helps to cut out: dairy, sugar, sodas, grains.

The more of this items you can cut out, the easier and faster it will be to lose weight. Set yourself up for success so that when the time comes to weigh yourself on a scale, you are not disappointed.

5) Have a cheat day (or cheat meal)

We all need a break every once in a while. Yes, your cheat day will set you back but at least you won’t feel like you are doomed for life.

  1. I did see some research that a cheat meal actually helps to keep your motivation up and helps you to stay on track with your weight loss plan, so go ahead.

Also, who cares? You’ll get there eventually and it’s a lot that you are doing already.

Yes, I did cheat with ice cream, pizza, pasta, some candy, a little bit of soda, etc, but I tried to cut it off from my regular line-up of food.

So that’s it! The whole recipe for success to lose weight.

If you have any questions, let me know:)

Question: so basically, I am starving myself?

Yes, sorry. This is a formula that worked for me so you might need to tweak it, but yes… You really need to decrease your calories when you have a crazy weight loss goal like mine (to lose 40 pounds in less than 6 months).

I’m not going to lie to you: it’s hard! You will suffer in the beginning, you’ll look at food and ask yourself: “why am I doing this to myself???”. I fell off the rails during weekends, when my toddler was not on daycare and we went out to eat, or when we went on vacation. It’s easier to stay away from food if you don’t buy too many groceries or quick snacks to keep at home. It’s also easier if you are not surrounded by people eating… Or watch food.

It’s likely that you will get extremely irritable and cranky when you get to that “fasting” state of your body burning fat. It’s also likely you will run to food.

There are many tricks. One that I use a lot is: when you feel hungry, drink a lot of water. If you crave something sweet, drink sparkling water or lemon water. It’s not too many calories, and it helps keep your stomach from growling lol.

Question: This cannot be healthy…

Not really, not long term. But it depends: It’s as healthy as you make it. Because you have only one meal a day, you better make it count. It forces you to eat vegetables. I found myself eating salads when I hate them. I found myself picking meat over pasta because I needed to make the meal count. I could pick expensive menu items in a restaurant because my budget for food during the week is really low. I could also eat a snack every once in a while when I felt like giving up because most of the time I am sticking to my plan.

Also, I take vitamins and you could do juicing to help you curve your hunger.

There are many ways to make it healthy.

Question: Is this a long-term plan?

No, it is not a long term play at all. This is a temporary way to get you to your ideal weight. You will then need to up your calorie consumption to more meals to KEEP your weight. Basically, you will go back to regular eating, but be careful about how much you eat so you don’t end up right where you started.

What’s the optional $60 for?

It’s for exercise equipment, which I highly recommend to keep at home because it allows you to crush all the excuses and just get a quick workout in.

These recommendations are inspired by the time I attempted p90x, they turned out to be great investments.

P90x Chin-up Bar (easy install on any doorway)
Free Weights Set. Customize and increase your weights as needed as they are removable. (Find cheap prices for this in Walmart, pick-up in store to save on shipping )
Yoga Mat. Best for hard floors like hardwood or tile.


You don’t absolutely need this items, but if you have them, you can continue to challenge yourself with heavier weights or advanced pull-ups.

If you wish to save your money, try calisthenics- using your own body weight to increase the challenge in your exercise regimen.

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