You know how there are men who get married twice and it just seems like their second marriage was a complete success?

Maybe they are on to something. Not necessarily about ditching the first wife and trying to make it work, but about picking a women with the qualities that make a great second marriage.
The second wife does not complain

Great things come from not complaining, starting with your financial future getting better, as described in The Millionaire Mind. However, not complaining doesn’t mean keeping it bottled up and keeping a negative score towards your spouse. It just means: do the hard work that you don’t feel like doing, do it despite your ego telling you not to do it, no work is beneath you, and then once it is done, let it go and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Period.
Second wives ask for the host’s name

It’s all in the details: second wives will have to go the extra mile to make a good impression upon everyone, so they are in their top behavior. 

There is no RELAXING when you are a second wife, there is only keep yourself at top shape, looking your best and not letting anything get under your skin.
Second wives are not fat.

Sorry, not sorry. Second wives keep themselves looking like a million bucks and so can you. Start with this post I made about how to take care of yourself in ten super easy steps. This means doing everything you dread: keep a healthy diet, exercise, wax, put on makeup everyday, keep your nails looking polished and dress to be the nicest dressed person in the room.
Second wives do not get jealous, build up resentment or pick up fights

They do not have a “hill to die on”. Second wives are easy going, they do not pick up fights, they let shit that rubs them the wrong way GO. They let it go. It’s not easy, it’s a continual fight against all the annoying little voices in our heads that say “you can’t lose this argument, you have to win!”. But second wives learn to let it go and live another day in the name of keeping a marriage in peace. They accept people have different points of view
Yes, it’s not easy being a second wife, so have some respect for them! It’d be ideal if I could apply the “second wife mindset” to my first marriage, so I have made a challenge to myself to do just that.
This post was inspired by “16 ways I blew up my marriage”. 
And you, are you a first wife or a second wife? Did this article rub you the wrong way? Let me know about all of it in the comments!

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