Next time you have an impulse to fight about any subject with your spouse, ask yourself the following question:

“Is this [insert issue here] worth ruining my marriage over?”

It could be a big or small issue. If it is a big issue, then you probably have to rethink your life strategy (post).

However, if it’s a small nagging issue, such as your partner being late all the time, or how he leaves his underwear on the floor (always missing that frigging laundry basket!), then it’s probably not worth bringing up a fight and making both your life’s hell.

Step 1: Breathe! (And get over your anger)

Step 2: let the issue go. Find any global issue that makes your issue feel insignificant and petty.

Step 3: Mention the issue casually once you are over the anger, preferably saying that it doesn’t make you angry but that you would appreciate that the other person acknowledges the issue and tries their best to help you.

This post was inspired by: “16 ways I blew up my marriage”.

Let me know in the comment section how you deal with anger or frustration in your relationship. Do you blow up at your partner or do you keep resentment in? Don’t worry, I am the first to admit I am far from correctly applying this post to my life! We all learn by making mistakes­čśŐ

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