Traveling with a toddler is not easy, but it is definitely easier than packing for a newborn or 1 year old.

View from the AirBnB rental
Our AirBnB rental
Beautiful Norwegian Nature

Why we are in Norway right now

My husband, toddler and I live in Florida now, but we have looked forward to moving for a while now.  My husband is Norwegian and I am Peruvian. We met in Argentina and decided to move to United States together, get married and finish school in Fort Lauderdale.

Hubby and I with our lovely 1 year old.

We love traveling and wanted to move after we were both done with university. Before we finished school, we decided to start our business, which was a complete roller-coaster ride.

Hubby and toddler with the typical Florida palm tree

Once we graduated, we had income from our business and were eager to move for a new breath of fresh air. We both fell in love with Barcelona while I was pregnant in 2013. It’s a benefit that we both speak fluent Spanish and it’s mostly warm weather through the year.

When in Spain, eat Tapas!

Why move to Spain Now?

We’re sure that a change of scenery will help us be refreshed and have new ideas for our business. Spain is also cheaper lifestyle than Florida, but our main concern is we wanted to establish our life for the next few years since it’s been 5 years that we lived in the U.S.

Time for a change

In the next two weeks, we’ll be going to Spain. Before that, we’re visiting family so they can see our toddler while marveling at the Norwegian nature.

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