An important part of growing your business is setting goals. Not only do all big names in business motivation such as Peter Voogd, Jack Canfield and Darren Hardy but they also drive action.

For this holiday season, 2016 September to December, I would like you, to keep me accountable towards the goals that I set. 

“Ideas are worthless without execution”. -quote!!

Business goals

  • Dedicate 30 minutes a day to master new photography studio skills with lighting, portrait, by taking online courses and practicing in studio.
  • Take hi-res pictures of all our product offerings in 4 different angles.
  • Design sizing charts and put them in all our listings.
  • Get our first sales by marketing our new website that is holding most of our inventory on Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Attend Thrive San Diego Conference in October
  • Source one product from China by ordering samples.

Personal goals

  • Continue weight loss journey- 20 pounds to go! (Until I complete my 40 pounds weight loss goal).
  • Do one new exciting kid’s activity for our toddler every week.
  • Wake up at 8am every day (this one will be a tough one for me and my hubby).

I am trying to not go over 3-4 items in each area because I want to be focused.

I need to scale back so I can fully focus on 3 only at one point.

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