Slack is a communication tool for companies. It’s becoming more popular as they add new features.

An app similar to Slack is base camp, that has the ability to put teams together and manage projects.

Keep your team organized

We love slack because it’s super easy to use, it’s kind of like a chat. You have different channels that that you can use for different projects or company divisions.

The best part is you can edit a message for clarification after it has been posted.


For example, we use channels such as:

  • HR
  • Photography
  • New products
  • Virtual Assistant 1 (one of our employees)
  • Virtual assistant 2 (one of our employees).
  • Meetings
  • Finances

Slack is also great for people who have many businesses, because you can make a separate channel for each one:

  • Business1_HR
  • Business1_Finances
  • Biz 2_Tenants
  • Biz 3_new property scouting

You can also have private chat with anyone within your company.


Or make meeting in the slack app to avoid poor connections on skype:



The reason why Slack is invaluable is integrations. It is so easy to link to a Google doc or drag and drop your Ms Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). You can also integrate it with google calendar to get reminders, and get notifications on your phone (or set it on Do Not Disturb mode at certain hours).

We integrate slack with Trello, which is also another one of our favorite tools. Trello is like having a giant or multiple whiteboards with post-it notes with your to-do lists.

-screenshot of board with stickies-

-screenshot of trello-

You can move cards in Trello around as you work with them. We use them for all our team.

Slack also has a Dropbox integration, so when you paste a Dropbox link, you will be able to see the title of the folder in Dropbox.



We pay quite a lot for Slack, though they gave us most of it on free credit because we added new users (our employees). However, the free version has up to two integrations that you can enjoy without paying a dime.


The best part about Slack is the ability to quickly search and find files among multiple channels, so there is no need to dig in your PC and you can access slack anywhere with an Internet connect, so your files and work are accessible everywhere.


Slack is a great organizational tool to keep everyone in your team informed and collaborate easily. The integrations are awesome and they are always adding new fun features like celebrating team wins for motivation or emojis. It has increased or productivity 10x and improved our weekly meetings.

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