We are on our trip from Haugesund (Norway) to Oslo (Norway). It’s a 1-hour flight on a small plane, with two rows of 3 seats each.

Map of flight Haugesund to Oslo

This type of small planes are common throughout Norway, as most cities are just 1-3 hours of flight away from the capital Oslo. Most international flights go out of Oslo, which is why domestic flights are mostly in the morning, and international flights in the afternoon.
As we came in to the gate, the flight hostess told us expressly that we are not allowed to have a seat on the plane.

Here’s how we talked about it:

: you can’t have that car seat on board. (She said it without conviction).

Hubby: why not? We have paid for a seat, we have a two year old.

Host: I think you might need to check it

Hubby: but I already flew like this before and the seat fits.

Host: just ask the hostess inside the plane, you might need to check it.
We then installed our car seat forward facing
However, right before take-off, the hostess told us that the car seat needs to be rear-facing.
The logic behind this might be that in Norway it is illegal to have a car seat forward-facing. Therefore, you will see most baby car seat (bucket style for newborns) rear facing.

-more research regarding toddler seats and age restrictions are needed-.
I scrambled to install the Cosco Scenera Next right before take off. It was straight forward as the Cosco has an opening for the latch where I was able to fit the plane seat belt (see pictures of belt running through the car seat).

The fit of the car seat was just big enough rear-facing. It definitely does NOT allow for the seat passenger in front to recline their seat. Therefore, forward facing the car seat would be ideal to avoid interrupting other passengers.
Even forward-facing, the Cosco Scenera car seat doesn’t allow you to take down the tray table. The Diono Radian might allow you to take down the tray table as it doesn’t have sides.

Another issue that I encountered is that the arm rest sometimes gets on the way, so I need to push it up to get it out of the way before installing the car seat.

To continue my research, I will bring a Diono car seat on our next flight inside United States, from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego.

I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. Do you use a car seat when flying? International or domestic?
  2. Would you pay $10-30 to get a car seat inside your flight, already installed in the plane seat, as a service? This would remove the need to haul the car seat through airport security, even if you want to check your car seat at the check-in counter.
  3. Which car seat did you use on your flight?
  4. If you flew in Europe, did you ever have trouble with airlines not allowing you to use a car seat?

Thank you!

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