The first cab we took from the Barcelona, Spain airport to our hotel was impressed that we brought a car seat. Apparently, it is not that common for travelers with children to bring them along.
When I tried to install the car seat, the taxi driver insisted that I forward face.

I was slightly shocked when the taxi driver said it was ok to put the car seat rear facing as long as it was in the front seat(!!!) because of the airbag(!) that made no logical sense to me, but perhaps Spain is not that informed in car seat issues as United States and Norway.

Hubby snapchatting our sleeping toddler!


I just explained that “I would feel more comfortable if my child was rear-facing in the back, even if his legs looked uncomfortable because that is just how I’ve always done it.” To which the taxi driver just gave up on my insistence and just let me.

Usually, except to hear some backlash in taxis if you are trying to rear face a car seat, but spaniards are very easygoing and will take the time to stop and let you board the car seat and luggage without starting the meter (unlike cabs in New York, lol)!

When we got picked up with just our stroller, we were allowed to have a ride without a car seat, with my 2 year old in our arms.

Taxi meters inside the Barcelona airport start 5 euros and inside Barcelona city at about 2 euros.

Usually, we took the subway or a bus, which is actually more comfortable as you can bring the baby or toddler still in a stroller, stop the stroller wheels and use a special disability buckle that are used for wheelchair on the bus. I’m not sure how safe this is, but it’s definitely more convenient than taking a cab with your child on your arms.

Please let me know about the hurdles that you’ve had when traveling with car seats, strollers and kids in public transport in the comments below!

For more info on carseats, visit She has tons of helpful youtube videos where you can learn how to install a car seat properly.

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